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"Oldest Name in Brokerage"


6 generations of experience!

Specializing in all life insurance needs to include:
Life Insurance
Life Insurance
Life Insurance

Substandard Life Underwriting

Jumbo Risk Cases

Accessibilty to

a Live Person

We are the resource for all of your Life Insurance needs-- to include a complete portfolio of products with innovative marketing ideas and support.


Applications completed, sent to underwriting, and policies issued faster than any other source. GUARANTEED!!!

What You Do:
(the toughest job of all)
  • Find the prospect.
  • Secure the application.
  • Send the application to Milner Atlanta.
  • RELAX!
What We Do:
Milner Atlanta underwrites 99% of all cases over the phone prior to the application being taken.  Which in turn will:
          *Eliminate underwriting surprises.
          *Save the agent as well as the client                         time, money, and sanity.
  • Secure proper licensing.
  • Order exams.
  • Order and secure all Attending Physician Statements.
  • Secure the most favorable underwriting decisions. 
  • Have policies issued and delivered to agents faster than any other source. 
  • If computers and the internet are not your thing, Milner Atlanta is glad to run your proposals. Give us a call...We look forward to hearing from you!
At Milner Atlanta you will......
*Speak directly to knowledgeable staff on every call.
*Receive a positive response when you needed it yesterday.
*Utmost Client Confidentiality.
*Maximize your commissions and profits.
At Milner Atlanta you can......
*Download forms.
*Run fast and accurate quotes.
*Search companies and products.
*View underwriting guidelines. 
*Access the #1 Annuity Service Center.
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